Online learning

In the year 2020, humanity has seen a pandemic of Covid-19. Due to Covid-19, almost the whole world is under lockdown. Everybody must work from home. Students must study from home. Covid-19 has made us think that is Online learning beneficial?

In the Covid-19 pandemic, dependency on the internet has increased. Like any other economic activity, education is also an essential part of any nation.

We must opt for Online learning. There are many benefits of Online learning; some are described further.

There are many ways to get or provide Online learning:

  1. Online live classes
  2. Pre-Recorded Lessons
  3. Sharing assignments

For an effective online learning system, we must use all the three options mentioned above.

Before understanding the ways of Online learning, we have to know what we need for Online learning.

Below are some essential need for Online learning:

  1. Internet connection
  2. Laptop/Desktop
  3. Digital Pad (for a tutor)
  4. Online conference portal/software.
  5. Screen recording software.
  6. Speakers and Mike / Headphone

Now we try to understand how we can conduct online classes.

We have mentioned three ways to do online courses earlier, out of which online live classes is the best ways to get or provide education online.

Online Live Classes:-

What we need for online live classes depends on what subject or what kind of courses we are providing. Students need an internet connection, a laptop/Desktop, and headphones only.

The tutor needs an internet connection, a laptop/desktop, headphone with mike or can use speaker and mike inbuilt in laptop/desktop.

Tutor needs one more thing that is a digital pad. In case the tutor is providing a class on any subject in which tutor have to write or draw, like mathematics, Economy, etc. in these subjects tutor have to draw some graphs which is difficult to draw with a mouse.

Now students and tutors need a web portal or software by which they can organize or conduct online live classes, i.e., Zoom,, GoToMeeting, Google Hangout, Google Meet, Skype, etc.

Using these online portals, the tutor can organize online live classes, and students can join the same. It can be a one-to-one class or a group class. Students and tutors can interact with each other, discuss anything, and clear their doubts at the same time. One can join the online live class from their home without going anywhere.

The topmost benefit of Online learning is we can record classes for future reference.

Courses provided by pre-recorded lessons:-

the second method of Online learning is “Pre-Recorded Lessons.” A tutor records lessons of any subject or course and shares those recordings with students. Students can see these recordings whenever they get free time. There is no restriction that when students will attend the class. But this is less beneficial than an online live class because, in pre-recorded lessons, students and tutors can not interact with each other. Many websites provide pre-recorded lessons of any subject or course, some are paid, and some are free, i.e.,,,, etc.

Sharing assignments, Notes/Study Material online:-

Tutors can give assignments to students through E-Mail or online sharing folders. For instance, Google Classroom is an online platform where tutors can send assignments and other study material to students, and students can do assignments and read other study material.

A tutor can measure student’s performance too.


Nowadays, online learning is a better option. Learners can learn almost anything without going anywhere. We can save our precious time which we waste in travelling. Online learning is much beneficial for working professionals. They can learn anywhere anything. Because in this fast life it is challenging to get spare time to learn new things.

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