“How to Create a Website”? This question comes into our mind whenever we use the internet. To answer this question, we have to know what a website is first.

A website is our property on the internet, or we can say online property.

There are many types of website, and every website has a purpose. Some examples of sites are mentioned below:

    1. Personal profile website.
    2. Company/Work profile website.
    3. E-Commerce website.
    4. Social network website.
    5. Question & answer or Forum website, etc.

A personal profile website means a website in which an individual or a group of individuals describes themselves as a CV. An individual describes its personal, educational, and professional information.

Company/Work profile website means a website in which an organization or any other entity describes its products or services provided by them.

E-Commerce website: these types of websites created for selling goods and services online. i.e.,, etc.

Social network website: through these types of websites, people be in touch with family, friends, and another world. People can share their views or spread any information from these websites. i.e.,

Question & answer or Forum website: in these websites, people ask questions to get a response from other forum members. Any member can ask any question or can give an answer or suggestion of any problem.

Now the question arises that how to create a website like mentioned above? So we will discuss it step by step.

Domain Name:-

As I mentioned earlier, that website is an online property, and every property has an address. The domain is the address of the website, like,,, etc.

Purchase a hosting:-

Hosting is the location of our property, in which we keep all the stuff of our website.


Webpages are the interface of our website. We have to create single or multiple webpages to develop any website. The answer to How to create a website is learning to create webpages.

How can we create webpages?

There are many ways to create webpages. We can develop websites/webpages using HTML, CSS, Jscript, Jquery, PHP, etc. all these are programming languages. One more programming language we can add in this list is Python.

Nowadays, Python is the most popular programming language because, with Python, we can not create a website only. We can do many more things with python. Nowadays, Python is being used for Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, etc.

We can create a website without knowing any programming language also, with the help of ‘WordPress’ or ‘Blogger.’

One can learn to create website by learning ‘Web Designing

To create a website, we have to learn one of these methods.

The list is not close as yet.

To create a good looking, impressive website, we have to learn ‘Graphic Designing‘ also. We have to learn ‘Graphic Designing’ to create the remarkable design, Pics, and info-graphics for the website.

There are much software for graphic designing like ‘Correl Drow,’ ‘Adobe Photoshop,’ ‘Adobe Illustrator.’ ‘Adobe InDesign,’ etc.

I think now you know the answer to How to create a website.

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